Translation work is detail work. It involves capturing the meaning of the original with all its nuances and ramifications and transplanting it to a new locale. Texts may also require further adaptation to flourish in a different environment. We can help your content grow into new markets and make sure nothing gets lost along the way.

Our expertise extends over a broad range of subject areas and types of communication, including publications of high-tech and engineering companies, news from the automotive, construction and chemicals sectors, lifestyle magazines, corporate image publications, reports on scientific and technological research, communications with customers and colleagues, employee magazines, press releases, contracts and annual reports.

High technology is everywhere. Nowadays it incorporates increasing amounts of information technology as the digital transformation affects traditional areas such as electronics, engineering and materials science. We see lots of it in the context of manufacturing, whether in production facilities—as in Industry 4.0—or the actual products, such as appliances for the Internet of Things. The future is already here—we’ll help you spread the word.

The automotive sector is facing massive change at the moment through the transition to electric mobility and the development of autonomous vehicles. We have years of experience translating all kinds of material for automotive-industry customers. Our work in the areas of science and technology also makes us well-qualified to help communicate and deal with the challenges facing the industry and its partners.

The lifestyle magazines we translate deal with a broad range of areas that are of interest to today’s consumers, including sustainable and environmentally friendly products, healthy nutrition and personal care, convenient and affordable services, networking and social media, travel and transportation, online and offline shopping options, the latest trends in fashion and cuisine, and many more.

We also have an eye for art and design. Premium products and services deserve premium presentation. Architecture, interior design, jewellery and watchmaking are just some of the topics we deal with in our regular work. You can trust us to take good care of your creative content.

Corporate communications can take many forms. We translate annual reports—image sections, management and financial reports—as well as sustainability and CSR reports for publication in print and online. We also deliver high-impact image and product brochures, press releases, language advisories and so on, not to mention speeches by the CEO and members of the board at press conferences and meetings. Let us know what you need. We’ll help you get word to your stakeholders.

We translate and do prepublication and layout work on a wide range of corporate communications directed at employees, including newsletters, intranet information, special campaigns and employee magazines in a wide range of languages. We can help convey your corporate culture to local workforces in different countries.

Our company has been providing high-quality translations for research centres and scientific organizations since its foundation. Much of this work is popular-science material intended to communicate the research being carried out to a wider audience. The subjects covered can include anything from basic research into particle physics to materials science and medical applications. We also translate press releases, reports and internal documentation for customers in this area.

We work on projects for a wide range of Germany’s leading technology companies, manufacturers, service providers, public relations organizations and industry associations, both directly with the end customers and indirectly via publishing companies, graphic designers and agencies. We also work on projects for a number of large-scale research centres within Germany, as well as smaller and midsized companies in a variety of sectors.