We offer a modular range of language services that are designed to help our customers get their message across: translation itself, and value-added services such as proofreading, editing, layout work and localization. These services are based on the process steps defined in ISO17100 (e.g. conformity with internationally standardized terminology in a broad range of areas) and on our long experience of adapting to our customers’ preferred processes.

Translation by highly qualified native speakers of the target language is at the heart of our business. Our standard product consists of the translation of the source text by a suitably qualified translator, revision by a separate suitably qualified reviser, and a final check. During the revision, the original and the translated text are compared line by line to ensure that the meaning has been faithfully transferred. The exact scope of these steps and the qualifications of our personnel are specified in ISO17100. Translation without revision is also available on request.

Translation is only part of the story. Some texts will require adaptation or pre or post-editing of the content to achieve the appropriate journalistic style. Desktop publishing (DTP) work may be called for in order to adapt the layout or check to make sure the designers have used the correct typography and hyphenation. Terminology is yet another area where our expertise can help you make savings and improve the quality of your communications.

We deliver high-quality translations in standard formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and InDesign IDML. We can also supply translations in many other formats preferred by our customers, in particular those formats based on XML. We cooperate with Web designers in website localization and are integrated into customers' publishing system workflows (K4 and Woodwing/SCE). Translation memory tools and terminology databases help us produce consistent top quality at reasonable prices.

Content counts. Maintaining an appropriate and consistent style means paying attention to terminology, typography and tone. We can make use of your in-house terminology and help you develop or expand it. To ensure conformity with the specific needs of our customers, we develop specialized internal wiki-based style guides for specific communications projects. We are also experienced in setting up extranet-based wikis for communication within project teams.

Just talk to us about what you need. We have handled many different customers’ translation requirements for long enough to know exactly what works, and why. We also have substantial experience with editing and publishing systems, and we can advise you about their respective benefits and pitfalls. We would be happy to discuss the best way to integrate translation into your workflow—with an eye on the overall costs.